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Naturebeat, the new #1 focus music stream by platinum selling songwriter Will Henshall

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Organic beats with nature sounds

Looking for foot tapping tunes to boost your productivity at work and study? This exclusive new electronica music stream deep dives you into flow so you can deliver your best work on demand. It was created and iteratively tested with the help of thousands of Focus@Will subscribers. In fact, it's the #1 most listened to channel on the system!

Art meets Neuroscience meets Productivity


Designed for headphone listening at work. 30 hours of new music at project launch. 3 new 25 minute mixes added each month.


Written, recorded, played and produced by award winning Los Angeles based British producer songwriter, Will Henshall. Mixed by Vespers. Nature sounds by Julian Slater.


Original new work commissioned for and only available at Focus@Will.


Combining 10 years of research data with 35 years of composition and music production experience. Tested with many thousands of Focus At Will users. It's now the #1 channel on the system.

Music For Winning

Naturebeat is an exciting and unique music project that is exclusively available as a new channel on the Focus@Will music for work service.

Created by LA based, British hit songwriter/producer Will Henshall, this hypnotic instrumental music stream has been produced specifically to help you work and study more productively.

Will's artistic influences include Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd, Giorgio Moroder, Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Sly and Robbie dub reggae, Grace Jones, Depeche Mode, 90s euro trance, 00s west coast psychedelic dubstep, quirky cowboy guitar, spacey sci-fi sound effects and of course Londonbeat's timeless pop/soul 4-to-the-floor dance energy.

Naturebeat 'scenes' (25 minute DJ style mixes) have an unusual science driven arrangement that helps manage your easily distracted non-conscious attention while you are working or studying.

Each scene is made up of three of four musical themes in related keys and tempos, produced and mastered using Focus@Will's proprietary neuroscience audio tools. The music stream doesn't sound 'scientific' at all, but there's actually a ton of science going on under the hood!

There are 3 'energy levels' on the Focus@Will system, and Naturebeat has a different feel for each, ranging from a 'chill' 106 bpm stream to a foot tapping medium energy 120 bpm stream to an intense 132 bpm high energy stream.

Find the energy level that matches your mood and hit the ground running. Productivity, happiness at work, hitting your deadlines, on demand, and...go!

Will writes, plays, engineers and produces all the music. Instruments used include acoustic, electric and bass guitars, electric and acoustic pianos, Moog and Roland vintage hardware synths, many digital software synths, and drums.

Nature soundscapes are recorded and mixed by Hollywood movie sound designer Julian Slater.

Additional drum programming, sound design, mixing and mastering by Vespers.